Manga for the Beginner: Everything You Need to Start Drawing Right Away!  

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Title: Manga for the Beginner: Everything You Need to Start Drawing Right Away!
Author: Christopher Hart
Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Watson-Guptill (August 5, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0823030830
ISBN-13: 978-0823030835
Product Dimensions: 9.7 x 8.4 x 0.5 inches

Are you addicted to manga? Do you love the beauty of the drawing art? Are you also a collector of any manga book art? Do you feel impressed by the manga characters, the fashion (clothing and costumes), also the drawing of the actions?

Now, all those things are drawn by the mangaka (manga author). How about trying to draw them by yourself? Or, even trying to create your own characters, and even starting your own manga?

That might be a very big project for most of us. However, trying to draw for a hobby, or starting to draw as investment for your future career, that's nothing to lose if we try to learn this as a new thing. Nobody knows their future for sure. If you are so addicted to manga, why not with learning to draw something for yourself, for fun? Who knows if you will be a mangaka in the future? :)

Now I'm presenting you "Manga for the Beginner: Everything You Need to Start Drawing Right Away!" by Christopher Hart.

This book teaches everything we need to begin with drawing manga, or at least a manga character. What makes this book different from other how-to-draw-manga books aimed at newbies out there, is the author tries to stick with something "truly authentic" (according to himself, in the Introduction chapter), while the other books out there showed mostly Americanized manga.

The book contains drawing step-by-step tutorials:
  • boy and girl with the head parts, the eyes, the hair.
  • main techniques of drawing body: with points of view, poses, age and height comparison, hands.
  • the clothing, outfits, costumes.
  • dynamic action poses.
  • various popular characters: from chibi girls, teens, handsome characters, fighters, and even vampires.
  • wait! There are also cute animals you can learn to draw! ;)
  • anthros (animals that are drawn to mimic people).
  • shounen characters (so this is not only for shoujo fans).
  • don't forget about the basic drawing techniques, because these are the main things you need in drawing the whole manga especially the backgrounds and environments: lines, tones and special effects, lighting and glowing, perspectives, and sequential panels. We will always find all these things in every manga, no matter how we often forget the details and only focus on the characters beauty faces. :)

The drawing examples will catch your eyes as soon as you see them, such drawing styles will attract you to keep following the tutorials. The directions themselves are easy to follow with good tips for drawing. So, for anyone who wants to draw manga or even just simple manga characters, this is really the right book to start off at.

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