Jerome Becomes A Genius  

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Title: Jerome Becomes A Genius
Author: Eran Katz

After being sick for a while ... man, it's really good to be back again. I missed the book stores and the book shelves. And I recognized what I missed lately. A good book about brain and learning tips. :)

Now I wonder, into which category I should put this book? Let me see ... "self improvement", "health" and "education" are covered by this book, so I will put this book into these three categories. After all, this book talks about learning, memorizing, and the secret of boosting your learning and finally improving yourself.

First thing for us to take note:
This book is not only about learning, this book actually covers a very wide area.

I should say a very complex area: the survival of the learning.
When you read it, you will understand what I mean.

This book starts with Eran Katz - the author himself, a master of memory techniques - he was interested in the myth about Jews and their intelligence. So he invited his friends to join in the discussion and researching, with Jerome Zomer, the colorful student and owner of a small clothing business, became the experiment with a mission: searching for a way to succeed in business and in academics.

So they searched for an answer about how the Jews - the genius people - become the way they are, also about their great strength to survive and succeed in their lives. The topic is to answer whether it is a gift for their only race, heredity, or there is a certain technique behind their success and survival. This book reveals to us about how the author and his friends traced the secrets, from secular discussions until the religious discussions, which are truly interesting to read, and the readers will find the most of the Jewish methods to the success.

Jewish people, no matter what they do, no matter how they are, they are seen as the race, and they are believed to be outstanding and different from the others. Their memory and brains are believed to be one of the best as there are some quite outstanding genius of the world who were born as Jews.
So there is a question: is it truly a gift for the race, heredity, or is there any certain technique? Some see that it may relate to their belief or probably their lifestyle.

In this book, after discussion and discussion, it reveals that the Jews realize their success as well, and that there are really certain techniques among the race to learn in their best way, to memorize something, to remember them in the figure or stories, and how they maintain the information in their brain longer.

Apart from the techniques, the book also reveals other interesting tips. Readers will finally see how exercise and movement indeed have something to do with boosting the way of learning things.

However, above all things, the true secret of the Jewish success and survival, according to the book, is their 'mind'. The book reveals how the Jewish 'belief', or their religion belief, creates the kind of psychological process that finally the individuals can believe only in what is good for Jewish people themselves.

In the conclusion, the secret of the Jews' success is their unlimited faith towards something.

What is it?

Find the answer in the book. :)

Psst! Interesting link:
Has the book been translated into your language? Got to check your local book store. :) 

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